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Our Agri Beers make the most of our territories.


Bèrta is GOOSE half-sour beverage, refreshing in summertime, with bergamot, citrous hot plant that gives fresness and Sicilian integral salt from Sicily.


MORA is the beer with sweet-bitter taste and stout style: dark brown colour is dued to black barley malt that perfectly matches with blackberries grown at Farm house “Dal Moro”.


PILS is a slips-down-a throat, low fermentation (approx 10°) blond lager, requiring a higher degree of technical complexity if compared to high-fermentation (approx 20°) ones. It gives off a pale gold gold color and a light-crisp flavor, that is also mellow and smooth to the palate. Featuring only noble hop plants like Saaz, low-tolerance to alcohol, in style with the lager beer range.


AgriBrewery “Fria” utmost focus is undoubtedly on its territories. Our “LaTino” remarkably increases the percentage of local natural ingredients such as yeasts, hop plants, honey, barley malt, carefully sourced just 5km from the farmhouse.


The highest expression of hops in pure IPA style, a style born from the well-known needs of long conservation. Hence the reason why hops (a natural preservative) must be the undisputed protagonist and in this case we're talking American hops. This beer carries a fruity flavor while its style is maltier and bitter, yet not too much in order to remain a thirst-quenching treat.


STRONG ALE, with its well-known English origins, is a bold, rich and complex beer, where barley malts clearly stand out while yielding a full range of nuances for the palate to enjoy. Its bitterness and alcohol content bring its characteristics to the forefront.

Hop plant is accurately selected and it pairs with a collaborative project among local producers which comprises a small hop-plant to be built at the brewing site. In so doing, we aim at further integrating the proportion of zero-km natural ingredients in our brewing process.

Yeast is necessary to transform wort into the beer. There are three phases of the brewing process: breathing/respiration, fermentation and sedimentation. A complete fermentation process could require up to 10 days.

AgroBrewery “Fria” grows 2-raw barley on its land and partners with COBI malt house, which specializes in malting of Italian cereals for beer. We take product traceability very seriously, this is why we can ensure that our selection of beers only uses Italian malts.
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